At sales.org, we inspire and enable our clients to achieve continuous and sustainable performance improvement by ensuring that we support sound decision-making principles and best-in-class project planning.


sales.org series o  Power Workshop  for big busines  , acclaimed for improving sales and marketing success by 300% and more, are now being offered to individual entrepreneurs, salespeople and small businesses.


Power Opening helps you to set the stage to close more business, more often  and more easily!

Marketin  ◊ Get their interest:

Learn the power of timing and sequence to grab customer attention in the first paragraph or picture.

Sale  ◊ Reduce or eliminate the need to ask for the business:

Our top sales people rarely have to ask for the business, because they get their customers to ask.

Servic  ◊ Save time and increase customer satisfaction:

Power Opening helps call centers, claims & complaints departments and service desks reduce time and get to the right solutions faster by working with the customer from the start - and by ensuring that they always begin with the end in mind.


PowergResponding  Objections & Complaints clini  for sales, customer service and support roles is nowavailablertog eliminate up to 80% of all objections and complaints  before they are even raised


Timin  ◊ Understand how and when it's best to respond tostatements, questions, objections or complaints::

Now, Later, Before, and Never, four times to choose, means four chances to win or lose your customer.

Proces  ◊ Four, Five or Six easy steps:

There ar  BI  differences between a customer's questions, objections, or complaints. How you handle each type of query makes all the difference in earning customer trust, respect and business.


PowergMentoringeprograms,gcreated  formulti-nationalsenterprises,  is now available for small to mid-sized companies

Ag formal program to informally access and advance the most valuable of human resources within every company — the business and adult life experiences of your workforce. For each 100 people you employ this averages between 2,000 and 3,000 years of collective experiences, as consumers, employees, coaches, managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, children and friends. In employment terms, that's equivalent to $75,000,000 in collective experience and expertise just waiting to be added to the human capital value of your company.


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